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At Optimal-Neurofeedback, we work with adults and children to promote relief for some  fairly common disruptors of life - anxiety, depression, insomnia, migraine headaches, learning difficulties & behavior disorders  - to name a few.  We also work with clients whose basic life functions have been deeply compromised by stroke,  Autism, Asperger’s, Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, head injury and similar.   

We address brain dysregulations large and small at their causative root using Neurofeedback - a non-invasive, non-drug, no side-effect, gentle, yet effective, training process for the brain. With a series of sessions, most people report reduction or elimination of the symptoms that were troubling them.  Many of our clients have "tried everything" before they found us.  We offer people hope and healing.

Two Approaches to Neurofeedback

We work with two different neurofeedback software systems – EEG Suite and NeurOptimal.  Both produce excellent results and each has its own signature style of approach.  Neurofeedback clinicians are responsible for matching the system to the client and may also consider a definite preference of the client.

QEEG Guided


Some children respond  better to neurofeedback with intensely-coached, achievement-oriented sessions that shape their behavior along with their brainwaves. Some adults do better with having their experience backed by visually measurable goal-oriented feedback and quantifiable testing.  And some organic conditions may benefit more from pinpointed protocols based on qEEG assessments.


Life Enhancing


The client is brought into a softly lit room for brain-training in a quiet atmosphere with relaxation or classical music and a screen of abstract, flowing, colorful shapes, viewed comfortably from a soft chair.  Children may choose to watch movies suitable to their age.  This is an achievement-free zone where brain-brightening occurs effortlessly while outcomes are robust and lasting.