More About EEG


What a test is like

Quiet, Relaxed, Comfortable

The placement of the sensors and the recording take 45-60 minutes. You will be sitting in a comfortable upright chair. There is no pain, no shock, and no injection of anything. 19 positions on the scalp will be cleaned and have sensors hand-placed on them. Additional sensors may be used for eye movement and heart beat.

Parts of the different types of tests

For all test types you will have to sit quietly with your eyes closed but not drift off to sleep.

Some tests may also require you to sit quietly with your eyes open.

You may have a specialized test that requires hyperventilation or flashing light stimulation, or even some easy reading or simple math.

Patient/Client Preps for an EEG

Two Days before the test:

  • Avoid any over-the-counter medications or supplements not specifically required by your health care provider.

On the Evening before the test:

  • Do not drink any alcohol.
  • Get a list of your medications and dosage ready to bring.
  • (If the test is for a child, get a book, game, or toy ready to bring. The placement of sensors will require them to sit quietly.)
  • Get a good night’s sleep.

On the Morning before the test:

  • Wash your hair thoroughly.
  • Do not use cream rinse or conditioner, hair spray, mousse, etc. These products can leave a residue that make it difficult to get good EEG readings.
  • Dry your hair completely and do not braid it.
  • Be extremely moderate in consumption of caffeinated beverages.

For the few Hours immediately before your Test:

  • No caffeinated beverages.
  • Eat lightly.

Immediately before your Test:

  • Use a restroom if you need to, as once the hookup and recording begin you will not be able to leave.

For a Reference EEG (rEEG) Test:

  • Alcohol and Caffeine requirements are more Stringent.
  • Medication requirements are exactly per your Physician's specifications.
  • You must follow the specific instructions for you of your Physician.