What is a Reference EEG (rEEG)

rEEG has been developed by CNS Response

"Referenced-EEG® (rEEG®) is a patented (issued 2003 and 2007) proprietary technology of CNS [Response] that utilizes commonly used digital electroencephalography (EEG) in conjunction with a normative database and a proprietary clinical (symptomatic) database to identify abnormal patient physiology. Appropriate medications are then statistically selected specifically to normalize discovered abnormalities. This process has been correlated to treatment outcome in a database of over 1,600 patients and 13,000 medication trials. The results of the analysis for each patient are produced in a two-page report provided to the physician from the CNS reference laboratory. Treatment directed by rEEG® has led to positive outcomes in over 75% of the 3000+ patients who have previously failed to respond to traditional treatment efforts as indicated in retrospective and prospective trials as well as in pilot clinical programs." - CNS Response

Clinical use of the rEEG

"In a series of clinical trials on patients who suffered for years without responding to treatment, physicians guided over 75 percent of them to medications that worked. Often the right medication was a combination of two medications. And sometimes, the right answer was no medication at all. rEEG® provides physicians with objective clinical data to support treatment based on patient physiology. Physicians using rEEG frequently achieve superior efficacy, often in less time and with fewer medications." - CNS Response